Taekwon-Do classes in English

On this page you can find information about our courses for English-speaking children. If your child speaks Finnish please check our courses in Finnish here.

Next English course for beginners will start in August 2024.

A new beginners' group for English speaking kids will start 21st August 2024. The group is targeted for kids aged 7–11 years. The course takes place in Pohjois-Tapiolan koulu on Wednesdays at 17:00–17:55 starting on 21st August 2024. The school's address is Sepontie 4, 02130 Espoo.

Training fee for the autumn season (until 1st December) is 160 € including a Taekwon-Do uniform (called dobok). The first two lessons are a free trial. If you don't want to continue after the free trial, just inform the instructor by email before the third lesson. Every participant needs to be registered from the link below, even if wanting to try it out first.


The course is conducted by Veera Häyrynen who is a 6th degree black belt, professional Taekwon-Do instructor and a former European champion.

Registration is done via myClub from the link above. You can switch myClub into English from the bottom of the page. Please check your email for the confirmation mail after registering. Sometimes email accounts consider mails sent from myClub as junk or advertisements.

For the first lessons you only need comfortable sports clothes and a water bottle. We practice barefoot. The uniforms will be ordered in the beginning of the course and they usually arrive in a couple of weeks.

In addition to the course fee, Taekwon-Do students also need to have a Taekwon-Do licence of Suomen ITF Taekwon-Do ry. The licence season is 1st January – 31st December and the license fee is 32 €. You will receive more information about the licences when the course has started.

During the first lesson, the parents can stay in the training hall to get familiar with Taekwon-Do and composition of the lessons. After that we kindly ask the parents to wait outside the training hall so that the students can fully concentrate on their training.

If you have any questions feel free to contact the instructor:
Veera Häyrynen
hayrynen.veera (at) gmail.com

Tips for parents

Arriving in and leaving the class

Please be on time. Guide your child to the dressing room and the training hall at least for the first time. Taekwon-Do uniform (dobok) should be put on in the dressing room (not at home) in order to keep it clean. When leaving, please check that your child has all their belongings along.

Dobok (uniform)

Please teach your child to take good care of their dobok. The dobok should be taken out from the training bag after each class and hanged to dry. Keep the dobok clean and tidy at all times. Wash the dobok with white laundry when needed. The belt should not be washed.

Being absent

You don't need to inform the instructor if the student misses a single class. If they miss several classes in a row, please inform about that so that the instructor knows about your situation.

If you want to quit

According to Taekwon-Do protocol, please inform the instructor if the student quits practicing. Paid training fees will not be refunded.
Also, if the student wants to visit another Taekwon-Do school or change to another school for example because of moving to another city, please inform the instructor. This is a part of courtesy which is important in martial arts.